Alice – widow and strong single mother

Actress Linda Lavin starred as Alice Hyatt in a CBS series called Alice.  This show premiered in 1976 as a spin-off from the movie Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore. (Alice (1976) – Plot Summary, n.d.)

Alice Hyatt become a widow and decided to move away from her previous home to Arizona with her young son. Along the way she found herself working at Mel’s Diner, a small, roadside diner. (Alice (1976) – Plot Summary, n.d.) She had to start her life over in a new place as a single mother.

This show showcased the liberation of women and the movement towards power and independence. Prior to this show in the movie Alive Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, Alice Hyatt was in a very different part of her life. “Alice Hyatt is a 35-year-old homemaker in suburban Arizona, whose husband works for the Coca Cola Company as a truck driver.” (Smith, 2010) She was viewed as a homemaker early in the movie, but was gradually changing with the situations happening around her. (Smith, 2010) The spin-off show capitalized the evolution of her life as a widowed, single mother.


Standing on her feet and working was a great reflection of changing time in society. Reality was that women were becoming strong and independent. Although Alice’s situation wasn’t ideal, she worked hard to make a life for her son. It took courage and belief to leave the familiar behind to move towards change.

My perspective: Coming from a divorced family myself, I find that I respect Alice’s character. My mom raised my sisters and I on a normal day-to-day basis. She juggled running her own business, caring for us, and providing for our daily needs. In today’s society it is very common to see single women raise children and provide for them. In the past, women were seen as only caretakers and the male figure provided to money and home. I think Alice’s character brings to light the struggles single mothers have to go through and people grow to see that they can do it. The liberation movement helped women find their right to be respected.

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Smith, A. (2010). Pell Scholars and Senior Theses. Leading Ladies?: Feminism and the Hollywood New Wave. Paper 53.


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