Wonder Woman – Power and Honor

Wonder Woman, a TV movie turned TV series based off a comic book, premiered for its first season on Dec. 18, 1975 starring Lynda Carter as the Wonder Woman. This series was known as The New Original Wonder Woman. (The Wonder Woman Pages: Television, n.d.) ABC television networks thought this movie could bring women to life and depicted them as powerful and CBS would later air this series on their station. (Wikipedia)

Let’s look back at how the character Wonder Woman came to life on the TV screen. As a character that started from a comic book, the Wonder Woman character would live out her role in many other platforms. “[Wonder Woman] is an Amazon, raised on Paradise Island (or Themyscira) who journeys to man’s world on a mission of peace.” (Wonder Woman (comic book character), n.d.) Her character is a woman of strength and power and she was a perfect role model for those women in the 1970s that were fighting for their rights in the Liberation Movement.

In July of 1972, Ms. magazine published full-length illustration of Wonder Woman on their cover. “Wonder Woman for President” was the title of the issue. The illustration showcased the powerful female figure in America and the expressed the goals for liberal feminists. (Clark, 2009) The comic book itself stands as a cultural influence in America.

“ …Granting Wonder Women agency over a whole miniaturized world spanning the realms of an idealized American public sphere—an idyllic main street with its church, water tower, automobiles, and happy families strolling the streets and sidewalks—and an exoticized,war-torn world of straw huts, swamps, and military war machinery of tanks, parachutes, and places.” (Clark, 2009)

In the 1970s, America was overwhelmed with a ton of uncertainties about itself, the media found a surprising source of reassuring “Americanness” through the idea of the fantasy female superhero. (Clark, 2009) This idea of feminism and seeing a superhero stand up and fight for power and honor, helped women and American see the changing time. This story happened during WWI, but seeing in years later and relate it to the current time of the Liberation Movement, has many parallels.

My perspective: I believe the story of the Wonder Woman, related to the 1970s society. Times were changing and women were fighting for power and honor. Wonder Woman was a national figure of those qualities. Having the TV series air during a time of woman empowerment had to have effect on society at that time.

Facts about Lynda Carter: Actress Lynda Carter was born on July 24, 1951 in Phoenix, Arizona. She became an actress after being a contestant in Miss World USA in 1972. She is best known for her role in the television series The New Original Wonder Woman and The New Adventures of Wonder Woman. (Wikipedia)

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