Feminism – A new kind of woman

In the 1970s the role of a women in society began to shift. The Women’s Liberation Movement created a pathway for women to shine.  Women were changing their roles from old-fashion, family-oriented wives who cooked, cleaned, and raised children to powerful, spoken, working women. (Feminism in the 1970s, n.d.) As this was changing in society, so was television. TV shows were incorporating feminism and highlighting women in a different way. (Feminism in the 1970s, n.d.) Feminism was seen off screen and on screen.

As a woman myself, it is liberating to see women fight their way to gaining a voice and excelling in life.  Characters depicted on television were never single, professional and independent women before the 1970s. (Gender in Media, n.d.) The men held all the power and they were the head of the household, decision maker, and provider.  Having a single woman character was uncommon until the beginning of liberation movement. (Gender in Media, n.d.) My blog will take a look at different shows during the 1970s that showcased women in a new light – independent, single, vocal, successful, sexy, and capable of a man’s job.

  1. The Mary Tyler Moore Show
  2. Wonder Woman
  3. Laverne and Shirley
  4. Maude
  5. Three’s Company
  6. Charlie’s Angels
  7. Rhoda
  8. The Bionic Woman
  9. All in the Family
  10. One Day at a Time
  11. Alice

This movement began a life long struggle to hear a woman’s voice. Now, through the past struggles and the fight for liberation, I am able to have a voice as a woman. I am able to have a job and soar into leadership roles like men are able to. I can stand proud to be a woman and voice my own opinions without answering to anyone. Men and women are equal, but the struggle that women had to go through to get there wasn’t easy. The 1970s brought change and power to women and it was a decade of success for them.

Check out more information on: http://710wrtg1150.wikidot.com/1970-s


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